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Sheila Jensen
2012 Best of Barns Insurance Agent
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Courtland, KS 66939
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Liberty Mutual Specialty Livestock Mortality Coverage

Since 2007, I have been helping livestock breeders, by offering livestock mortality insurance. I am now proud to offer the products of Liberty Mutual Insurance.

If you need to control the risk of your new herd bull, donor female, show heifer or steer, please email, text or call me at 785-262-1116.

I will be glad to help you with your livestock insurance risks. Billing will be handled by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company which allows you to pay by credit card, check, or online payments.

Livestock Mortality
Insurance coverage can protect you and your business from the financial loss associated with risk as an animal owner. There are many different types of insurance to consider when looking to protect your assets, and that is why Liberty Mutual is here to help you choose from our flexible options to customize the protection against risk and loss of your animals.

All Risks of Mortality is a type of insurance coverage that automatically covers all risks that the insurance contract does not explicitly exclude. The Liberty Mutual Livestock Mortality policy provides that security and peace of mind when owning livestock.

Specified Perils provides another option for your security against risk to owned livestock. Specific causes of loss are outlined in the policy, so ask us how Specified Perils could be an alternative solution.

Have a veterinarian document the animal’s cause of death and identification.

Cattle Rates $100 Policy Minimum

1-Month Term – 2.4%
3-Month Term – 3.6%
6-Month Term – 4.0%
1-Year Term – 6.0%

Group rates (six head or more) – 5.0%
Theft can be added for an addition 0.25%

Age Exceptions Total Premium
Young Calves 2 wks to 7 wks – 10% …… 7 wks to 3 Months – 8%
Cows over 8 yrs – 7% …… 9 yrs – 8%
Bulls 7 yrs – 7% …… 8 yrs – 8%

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Claims or Possible Claims

Call immediately 24/7 if you think you have a claim or possible claim, 855-840-8041.